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Deadland Volume Two

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A box set, containing the H.E.L.L. series prequel TEST SUBJECT, and the gothic horror zombie thriller M IS FOR MALPRACTICE.

Test Subject

It increases feelings of unit cohesion, reduces shock from traumatic injury, and enhances survivability from those injuries. It is Dr. Wilhelm Crenner's life work and it has some side effects: The chimpanzees that are injected with this serum become highly aggressive. It sends them into a dormant stage and then it kills them. It also reanimates them from death wherein the sense of unit cohesion mutates into an intense desire to feed.

The military has deemed Dr. Crenner's work only a partial success and ordered him back into the lab, but Dr. Crenner needs new test subjects, more importantly, HUMAN test subjects. The military won't let Dr. Crenner have them and this leaves him with only two choices: Convince his governmental overlords of the error of their ways or get them himself.

Welcome to Government Secrets, Colorado. This is how the Zombie Apocalypse begins.

M Is For Malpractice

Death has taken everything from Doctor William Franks and he means to have his revenge... by finding a cure. To find a cure for Death, Doctor Franks would do anything.

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DeadLand Volume Three