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Summer School Soccer Saga

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Summer School Soccer Saga (Splint to LLC to SLC) - 33.5 mins (c. 2021) - HD Wide/Full Screen

In this clip, we meet a college soccer player who emerges from her car still in her uniform but also with a half leg fiberglass splint adorning her right leg (to go with soccer sock and croc on her left).  She crutches fluidly to a bench, careful not to let her splint touch the ground.  She props it up and shares the details of her injury and in depth about how her splint feels and what is next in the process.  She shows a POV which shows her white toe nail polish and her immobile calf and foot encased in the splint before she crutches back to the car.  We pick up a few days later when she is set to have her orthopedic appointment.  First she needs to crutch around campus in her casual sorority clothing with a backpack on. She shares about how nervous and anxious she is for her appointment and questions whether she'll need a cast or to have surgery while discussing how difficult life is on crutches.  Little does she know it will get more difficult, as she reemerges from her car clad in a full leg (and we mean full leg) angled hot pink cast with black stockinette.  She proficiently crutches to another bench to share the casting saga and her initial thoughts on sporting a full leg cast with you.  Again there is another POV shot of just how high the cast goes as well as her toes peeping out.  She then returns to the car.  We next see her a few weeks and many signatures on her pink cast later as she crutches all around campus for you in a tank top and jean shorts with an air force one on her good foot.  She takes lots of breaks both standing and on benches where she continues to share in depth all about life as a college student in a full leg cast. She talks about both the injury, the cast, the attention, and social aspects.  We see a brief shot of her crutching in a parking lot as well as a pov of her riding in the car.  Later we see her in a very stunning little black dress and flip flop crutching around campus in the wind and heat.  She's excited to be getting her short leg cast later that day and shares more about that.  She is amazingly attractive as she crutches in this dress and huge cast. The last two scenes feature her light blue short leg cast with gray stockinette.  She hobbles first in the same flip flop and little black dress and again discusses how the cast feels, the new freedom it provides and how she truly feels about it and likes it better than she would a boot.  Lastly, we see her crutching in a white tank top and athletic shorts, still in the light blue SLC, now heavily signed.  She gives a recap of the saga and shares how excited she is for post-cast life and what she's learned from the experience as she again crutches with her backpack.

So many outfit changes on this athletic and sporty sorority girl.  A total and complete college crutching and cast video that will give you vibes of some of our best ever work, with the addition of splinting and some modern flare.  Don't miss this gorgeous girl and her amazing personality.
You will get a MOV (4GB) file
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