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The Truth: A Short Film (trailer)

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The Truth: A Short Film (trailer) Award Winning Film!  What's on the mind of a young girl? A crush, anxieties about moving, puberty and lots more.  Will she find a way to be true to herself?  What secret does she come up with? The Truth, a Short Film uses the selfie concept to paint a portrait of a young girl. It serves as a springboard for discussions between girls, parents, grandparents and educators. The new short film utilizes the "Selfie film" concept to make it highly relatable for young people. It shows us how the girl attempts to deal with life changing problems, concerns, challenges and issues all young girls face. The result is an eye-opening, in-depth exploration of her life, giving the viewer the distinct impression that they have been somehow magically embedded into that life.

The film was produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, a Positive Psychologist and one of the developers of a form of the "Selfie film" concept.
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