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By Elliott Judin

Synopsis: Creators by Elliott Judin
God’s Creators banished Satan to Hell where his brother Dog from Hell was created.
In a California mining camp the miners started a satanic ritual when their Pastor was late for his Sunday service. The Dog Demon was conjured up and took possession of a Baptist Minister and the men from the camp. They went to San Diego to start an apocalyptic war with the population of southern San Diego by using telepathic hypnotic powers. The military is called up to battle the rioting masses and thousand are killed. FBI Agent Youngblood and his partner with the missing Pastors wife drove to the camp looking for the missing Pastor. The men are all missing and the camp is in disarray.
The Creators, messengers of God contact three top clergy around the world and command them to send their warriors for God to combat the beast. The Team consists of Agents Youngblood and Robles. The Clergy for the team consists of Cardinal Rirden from NY, Bishop D’Amato from Detroit, Sarah Livingston, Pentecostal, from Minnesota, Bishop Grasky from Poland, Cleric Alda from Detroit, Olivia Jones, wife of the possessed Pastor from San Diego and three Hasidic triplet brothers, from Brooklyn. The Men from Brooklyn are 6 feet and 6 inches tall. They are renowned demon hunters and exorcists. In depth character backgrounds are created for all the members of the Team.
In Southern San Diego the Mexican Army with new Russian tanks and Russian Migs attack southern California. The Fourth Army Division is brought in to fight back the Mexicans with the help of superior US airpower and an assist from a British task force.
The demons escape San Diego and start another massive battle in Tijuana again with thousands of casualties. Drug cartel gangs stage a coup, kill the Mexican President and invade the US Embassy. With help from Russian commandoes the Embassy is liberated. The Mexican Army and two US Airborne divisions restored order in Mexico.
The Demons again move on to Reliant Stadium in Texas where 76,000 people where had celebrity prayer vigil. Six demons are sent to Indiana to start a war with bikers and neo-Nazis. They take hostages in a seminary and a farm house. The Team is sent there to defeat the demons in prayer vigils outside of the hostage site buildings and the Team is victorious. The Team flies in a newly designed custom jet with security forces for protection.
The demons now gain access to Reliant stadium and start another mass suicide war. The Vice President is killed trying to get to the Demon Dog. The military is called in to put down to put down the mass riot. The demons move on to New Orleans to start another battle. The Demon Dog sent four demons to Minnesota to kill Sarah Livingston and her family. Sarah is on a few day leave from the Team. The demons attack Sarah’s house. Four CIA agents and two policemen battle and kill the demons, but they are also killed. In the mayhem Sarah’s six year old daughter is shot in the head and rushed to the hospital. The family was saying their final goodbye, when a Creator arrives in the Lilly’s room and saves her.
The Demons now in New Orleans start another bloody massive war with population battling the military. The Dog demon escapes to a backwoods plantation and is cornered by the Team. The Demon Dog kills FBI Agent Robles and finally leaves the body of Pastor Jones. The demon transforms to his original form, of 50 feet high and 60 feet long. The Creators arrive and chase the demon to a distant asteroid where he is sent back to Hell.
The five escaped demons to back to the California mining camp and pull up Satan. Satan and his demons hijack an ocean liner and kill almost everybody. The Team is flown in by the Us Navy to combat Satan. Satan tricks everyone and is boarded on to a nuclear submarine. The Creators arrive just in time to stop Satan. The President gives the Team a dinner in Washington and the world celebrates the victory.

Elliott Judin


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