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Rudolph's Flight

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A short story in screenplay format. 

*For those unfamiliar with the screenplay format, a glossary of some of the more common screenwriting terms is in the back. 

You’ve heard the song. A sweet Christmas melody that brings joy to children and adults alike. The legend of Rudolph. Who couldn’t love that? But have you listened to the words? They used to laugh at Rudolph. They used to call him names. They excluded him. They did worse. No way Old Man Nicholas didn’t know about that. He knew. He just didn’t care. Until he needed something. 

Well, Rudolph has decided he doesn’t need Old Man Nicholas and doesn’t need his bully brothers. Rudolph has had enough of his dysfunctional family and he has finally decided to do something about it. 

Forget the legend of reindeer and jolly gift givers. This is the real story of one man who isn’t going to take it anymore, who strikes out on his own, and in the process learns what the true meaning of family really is. 

As for Old Man Nicholas and the band of oppressors he calls sons, their fate will take a different path…

One foggy Christmas Eve.


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