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Bitch Fucking 7: Raping My Girlfriend's Dog

Horny and alone with my raging needs, I turned my attention to my girlfriend's dog, Lucy. Lucy was a quiet, submissive German Shepherd left in my care. Badly in need of relief, I descended upon her swollen, fertile cunt and took what I needed.


So, I was all jacked up, ready for my girlfriend to come over so we could have a good fuck. But she had to cancel at the last minute. I was so fucking horny that I literally couldn't think straight.

It was the middle of the night and I was ready. Saved up all week for this. But no, the bitch had other plans.

In the middle of the night?


I paced back and forth in my apartment, my cock jutting out obscenely like some kind of kinky obelisk. I willed it to go down, I willed my sexual urges to abate, but they wouldn't. The more I tried not to think about them, the more I thought about them.

I had to have a woman. I had to get laid. Like, now.

But at 3 AM? I didn't want anything to do with a hooker. Those diseases were terrible. No, I couldn't go there. And I knew from experience that jerking it would do no good. I need flesh. Woman flesh. Practically any woman would do. But who?

That's when I turned and saw Lucy, my girlfriend’s German Shepherd laying on the bed, her legs splayed wide. Not only that, her pussy was swollen and red with her heat.

"God damn it, not again!" I wagged my finger at her.

But something snapped inside me. I was in such a horny, altered state that I began to drool over my dog's cunt. Technically, it was my girlfriend's dog, but that was beside the point.

I wiped the drool away with my backhand and slowly advanced on the bitch. In my amped-up state, she was looking mighty fine.

God help me, I don't know why I did what I did. Looking back on it I was a monster, but dammit, I had to find some relief.

"Here Lucy..." I called, my cock swaying comically. "Come to papa..." I could NOT believe I was doing this. I think at any other time I would never have had these thoughts.

The closer I got, the more I could smell her fertile heat. The smell of her doggy sex invaded my head, causing all sorts of evil, lustful thoughts to run through my addled brain.

At first, Lucy thumped her tail excitedly that I was actually paying attention to her, but then she must've seen the evil glint in my eyes as she stopped smiling and closed her legs.

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