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The Scientific Method PPT and Fillables Distance Learning

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Ready to have fun creating science experiments? I KNOW WE ARE!

But before we do, we must know what we need to look out for and what it entails when performing an experiment. Therefore in this ZIP File you will find the steps of what makes a successful presentation of an experiment.


The Powerpoint presentation will explain the following steps:


When the student understands the scientific method they can apply it to their experiment. That's why I have included "My Experiment" sheets in which the student will write out their question, hypothesis, their three variables, their observations, analysis, and conclusion. These sheets will help them gather key information from their experiment and use that as a draft to present their final presentation.

Some of the students may have additional questions regarding what is and independent variable and what is a dependent variable and I added a sheet for them to practice reading scenarios in which they show what is the x and y variable.


Use this as an introduction to science experiments or as a review when the students are to perform an experiment for class.


Hope this helps your classroom and students understand more of what is expected of them when performing scientific investigations.


You will receive:

13 Slide PPT Presentation
2 Sheets for students to write out the scientific method for their experiments
1 sheet to practice finding the independent and dependent variables
key included

The sheets come in traditional PDF files to be used for printing and Adobe PDF forms with fillable fields which are compatible with distance learning.

When students complete the PDF forms they can submit their work electronically to the teacher - no printing required!


Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program) is recommended to be used if you are doing distance learning with this purchase.
You will get a ZIP (8MB) file

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