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In the country where the grasses grow tall and the wheat blows in the east Colorado winds, a farm boy named Kale Acer meets a man that would change his life.

Having a beer after a rough day on the farm, Kale hears the sputtering of a motorcycle on the highway outside, only to look out of the dusty window to see Eight Cardenas, pulling in on his Harley, dark skin and hair lit by the evening sun.

The biker takes a liking to Kale, as he lends him tools to fix the bike, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing for the inexperienced young man. Eight pushes him to the wall on the side of the bar and makes Kale feel things he’d only fantasized about. Dark fantasies he’d never admit to, to anyone.

They start to meet up for sex only, but that doesn’t last, as feelings begin to emerge between the two men, who are as different as anyone could be. Eight’s life is in New Mexico, with his club and his crime, but he longs for quiet twilight with the sweet man who’d broken through his heart of steel.

When the president of Eight’s club wants to bring in new men to replace those who don’t like his way of doing things, Eight has to leave, and Kale is alone, hurting for the days that the rough biker had made him feel so alive.

Can they find their way back to each other, or will Eight’s past kill him before he can hold his farm boy again?
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