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September 1939. Thousands of children are leaving the city and their families behind, heading for the coast and countryside with the launch of Operation Pied Piper.

In Tamarisk Bay the Chandler family are preparing for war and all the changes it will bring. Taking in a young evacuee is bound to bring challenges, but within days it is clear there are unexpected obstacles to overcome. Divisions appear in the family and when a crime is committed, doubts creep in, with accusations leading to questions that prove difficult to answer.

This range of novellas explores life during World War Two for many of the characters in Isabella Muir’s popular Sussex Crime series.

Look out for the other novellas in the Sussex Crime series - More than Ashes, Waiting for Sunshine, The Harvest, and Choices - to discover the stories behind the Sussex Crime characters in these heart-warming tales.
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The Harvest


More than Ashes


Waiting for Sunshine