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Herbal Mineral for Donkeys Supplement

Grass and Hay do not have all the essential minerals and vitamins a donkey needs. We need to feed a mineral to help make up for that.
The problem with a lot of powered minerals is sometimes they are hard for the body to absorb.

I give my donkeys a blend of nutrient rich herbs to supplement their diet. The minerals and vitamins in herbs are more likely to be absorbed. Herbs have other beneficial properties that also aid with health that powered minerals and the typical hay/grass diet do not have.

I've never had a donkey not like this blend! Sometimes they might not eat it all at once, but they always eat it! 

When I've stopped feeding this blend and only depended on the powered minerals, I noticed things like poor coat/skin condition, watery eyes, and they seemed more susceptible to thrush. They absolutely to better with it here. 

I offer my donkey supplements in 2 sizes. a 1/2 pound trail size if you are afraid your donkey might not eat them and a 1 pound bag. I include instructions on feeding with the package. 

BTW: if you are a DIY'er you can buy my Herbal Mineral booklet and make your own! See the donkey books section.

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