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HUM 115 Week 4 Arguments (2019 Latest)

HUM 115 Week 4 Arguments (2019 Latest)


Please use the below video to successfully complete your assignment. I have clarified the worksheet instructions. Students must use a “viewpoint article,” not reference material that is the first link in the worksheet.


Please let me know if you have questions after viewing the video. Please do not complete the worksheet without viewing the video. Thank you!


Video link:


Assignment video transcript.docx


In Week Four, we learned that critical thinking arguments, are not the casual/common angry discussions we can have with family or friends. A critical thinking argument is a well-developed point of view or position on an issue.


As a critical thinker, it is important to understand the elements of an argument/point of view and how certain types of statements can affect the validity of that point of view. As you learned in the readings this week, arguments are used to convince us of an outcome. You read about how to identify an issue, the role that rhetoric and evidence play in establishing credibility and supporting a point of view, and the different types of arguments you may encounter.


In this assignment, students will first choose one of five issues. Next, students choose a specific point of view/argument as part of that overall issue, to evaluate. Do not use the information that comes up when you open the link. This is general reference material about the issue, not a point of view article. Follow the directions in the video to select your article. Respond to questions based upon the viewpoint of the article you selected, (not your own view on this topic). Remove your personal opinions, biases and prior feelings about the issue to demonstrate an impartial analysis of the point of view presented by the author of the article you selected.


You may agree or disagree with the author’s point of view. It may be weak or strong. Students are graded on an unbiased analysis, not the strength/weakness of the point of view of the author you chose. You may find it more challenging to choose an article point of view that you disagree with to test your impartiality.


Complete the Arguments Worksheet.


Submit your assignment.

You will get a DOC (49KB) file

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