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History of Egypt:a history of egypt from earliest times to the present


Chapter 1. Pre-Dynastic Times : Upper and Lower Egypt: The Unification.
Chapter 2. Chronology of the First Twelve Dynasties.
Chapter 3. The First and Second Dynasties (Archaic Egypt)
Chapter 4. The Third to the Sixth Dynasties (The Old Kingdom): The "Pyramid Age".
Chapter 5. The First Intermediate Period (Seventh to Tenth Dynasties).
Chapter 6. The Eleventh and Twelfth Dynasties (The Middle Kingdom)
Chapter 7. The Second Intermediate Period (about I780-1561 B.C.): The Hyksos.
Chapter 8. The "New Kingdom" or "Empire" : Eighteenth to Twentieth Dynasties (c.1567-1085 B.C.)
Chapter 9. The Decline of the Empire.
Chapter 10. Persian Rule (525-332 B.C.): Conquest by Alexander the Great.
Chapter 11. The Early Ptolemies: Alexandria.
Chapter 12. The Later Ptolemies: The Advent of Rome.
Chapter 13. Cleopatra.
Chapter 14. Egypt under the Roman, and then Byzantine, Empire: Christianity: The Coptic Church.
Chapter 15. The Arab Conquest.
Chapter 16. Early Islam.
Chapter 17. The Fatimids.
Chapter 18. Saladin: The Crusades.
Chapter 19. The Bahri (Turkish) Mameluks (1250-1382).
Chapter 20. The Burji (Circassian) Mameluks (1382-1517).
Chapter 21. Egypt under the Ottoman Turks.
Chapter 22. The Beginning of European Intervention in Egypt : Napoleon.
Chapter 23. Mohammed Ali.
Chapter 24. The Khedive Ismail (1863-1879): Financial Collapse: Anglo-French Control,
Chapter 25. The Sudan : General Gordon.
Chapter 26. British Control of Egypt.
Chapter 27. Negotiations for Egyptian Independence: The Second World War. 51
Chapter 28. Egypt Becomes an Independent Republic.
Chapter 29. Foreign Affairs under Nasser's Rule.
Chapter 30. Modem Egypt under Nasser.

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