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The Present

The eighth version of the universe destroyed itself.

Welcome to the 1,143rd iteration.

A mining android found a rock that defied chemical analysis out in the Molliere Rings at the edge of the Finite Void.

Contained deep inside of the rock was the orb.

It contains the complete history of the eighth universe.

The Android Republic intends to give the orb to the University of Centrum Kath to establish diplomatic relations.

But when Pete and Wazzit find out it is the most valuable artifact in the universe well.....

....thieves will be thieves.

Can our light-fingered friends steal the orb?

Or will they have to settle with their new real estate scam?

A famine rages on Earth Seven due to the Sociology Department's memory wipe of the planet.

But now things have changed and Koven Modi is sent with Historians and Sociologist to save them.

Can Koven finally live up to his potential?

Will Allor forgive the sociologists for their genocide?

How can Rusa help?

The rouge android Zero is still plotting against them all.

He wants Rusa and Koven dead and decommissioned and will stop at nothing.

Then he will focus on the enhanced human ambassador from the Android Republic.

Dru must also die.

Don't get caught with your blaster in your holster when the battle starts.

Get The Present before your planet self-destructs
(now a 71.27% probability)

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$ 2.99

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