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Ariessy of Midgard signed paperback (price includes P&P)

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17-year-old Ariessy Taylor is a Seiva living in South Wales, UK. She is one of many sorcerers created by Freyja to protect mother nature and oathed to remain hidden from humanity. Since she was very young, her nan, Isobel, warned her to stay away from the Veurrulfar. They're wolf-shifters from Nidavellir, who were created by Odin to protect humanity from supernatural races - and they won't make any exceptions for her. When Nathan Jackson and Rick Kramer meet Essy, something about her gives them pause. What Essy doesn't know is that her father and Isobel have been lying to her, because they're terrified of what will happen if the Veurrulfar discover the truth – and they will.

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