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Bible Lesson Modules Yearly Subscription, ALL the Lessons on this site for $36 yearly subscription***LAUNCH SPECIAL $25 a year***

The very affordable price of $36 a year ($25 while I am launching, building it) is designed to make the Bible-teaching materials available to anyone, and any church or group without cost as a major issue and to support the Bible805 ministry and creation of these materials.

With a yearly subscription, you have permission to download and use the videos, the PDF of NOTES, PDF of QUESTIONS, plus any additional eBooks, charts, or other materials that go along with the lesson and make as many copies as you want to share within your church, group, ministry, or business. You must use the same USERNAME and PASSWORD. You do not have permission to resell them. 

If you have any questions on usage, please contact Yvon Prehn at
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Bible805 Resources Yearly Subscription, All lesson modules and materials

per year
Each module consists of:
  • A hi-res 1080p video of the lesson
  • A PDF of Notes that is virtually a transcript of the lesson
  • A PDF of Questions that can be used for individual study or group discussion
  • Images in Thumbnail and Video format that can be used to advertise the lesson
  • Any additional materials that may go along with the lesson, such as charts, eBooks, etc. 
Your purchase of the subscription permission to make as many copies as you want for your church, group, ministry, or business.

The only limitations are that you cannot modify the materials or sell them.

Launch and Construction Special! $25 a year and will remain at that price for the life of the subscription

per year
This is a special price as I launch and am building the Bible805 Subscription of Bible Lessons!

This site is far from perfect (not that it ever will be), but I want to make the material that I have ready and available to you as I continue to build out the basics and details of the Bible805 Academy site.

This super-low $25 a year price is for all the lessons currently available on the site and for the ones that will continue to be added. The price will remain the same for the duration of your subscription.

For each module, this includes a downloadable video, reproducible PDF of NOTES and QUESTIONS, images for PR, and any additional materials that might go with that lesson.

Keep in mind you can share this in your church, group, or organization, but you must all use the same USERNAME and PASSWORD you sign in with.