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Science of Kundalini Yoga

By Pramod D Bajpai
The Kundalini has been the untapped energy (life energy) at the base of the spine which can be awakened from the body waking up each of the 7 chakras in sequence.

Total enlightenment occurs if this energy gets to the final chakra Sahasrar near the top of the head. Kundalini energy is usually represented as a snake coiling at the bottom of the spine.

Previously when the ancient experts taught their disciples in exercises (asanas) of yoga and meditation, they utilized numerous solutions to be free from the material world.

At that time when Patanjali was a great master associated with yoga exercises and he had trained his disciples the invisible knowledge of the Kundalini energy. It was an almost holy understanding which was approved coming via learning in order to help the disciples for centuries.

The disciples needed to get ready his / her entire physique to be able to endure these compunctions; this was done by various yoga / meditation postures how the master or a yoga expert would prescribe.

Meditation science claims that air is merely the medium, not the actual thing, you're breathing prana – Life energy.

Air is merely the medium; prana (orgone energy) has been the content material which is something subtle, non-material, has been moving in with the air.

During the breathing process we are taking prana in, leaving it also certainly on that point there; next the air goes back empty. However, it's full of prana when it comes in.

When you have used the prana and the breathing process provides turn out to be empty. The actual prana makes its way into through your intuition in to the entire physique.

We have been divided into the centre and the fringe. The body may be the outer boundary; we all know the body. We know the perimeter; however we all don’t know the location the place that the centre has been.

When bodily process has been moving out its dynamic; when it is coming in it again is dynamic. When it's neither, when it's silent, non-moving, you're in close proximity to the centre where Kundalini resides.

As soon as your breath comes in, be aware. To get a fraction of a moment, there is no breathing - just ahead of that turns up, before that turns outward.

A single breathing process will come in; after that there's a particular point and breathing stops. After that the breathing goes out.

When the breathing fades, on the other hand for a fraction of a moment, this stops. Next breathing is available for incoming.

Nothing is to be added for you or to the system; it really is already. Everything is already there, except certain awareness.

Before the bodily process has been turning in or turning out, there's a fraction of second when you are not breathing. When you are not breathing you are not in the world. But the moment is of such a short duration which you in no way find this.

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