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Organic Body Care Recipes Box Set_ Organic Body Scrubs, Organic Lip Balms, Organic Body Butter, And Natural Skin Care Recipes-The Fruitful Mind


Your skin is the most remarkable feature on your body and to take care of it in a gentle, healthy manner, you do what any other person would do- you go to the beauty store. The beauty industry has manufactured vast amounts of glowing, colorful bottles of body butters—each with its own inviting string of words, each proclaiming that it’ll reduce your aging, your sunspots and your dry skin!
Yet as you look at the back of the bottle at the label you see ingredient names you can’t even pronounce. Multisyllable, foreign chemical names that bring no understanding to the “Moisturizes and Nourishes Skin!” emblazoned on the front of the container. Ingredients that ensure you that this magic potion, despite its assurances that it will create a better, more vibrant you, is actually a villain in your beauty regiment. It’s packed with chemicals and inorganic substances the beauty industry expects you to absorb into your very precious skin. In fact, research shows that one in eight of the thousands and thousands of ingredients utilized in these inorganic beauty products are things like pesticides, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors.
Stop supporting the beauty industry and look, instead, to the organic world for safe beauty products that provide a luxurious, more supple skin tone, a reduction in wrinkles and better-fortified skin layers. Each of your skin layers is complex, working to create a barrier that brings a sense of beauty while also providing mechanisms for pathogenattack.
Your lifestyle is occasionally haphazard, occasionally wrought with hardship. But your skin doesn’t have to
reflect these stressors. Instead, revitalize your skin layers with natural ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, and tallow. Utilize ingredients that work alongside your skin cells, boost your elasticity and strengthen your deep skin cell layers!
This book will show you how to enrich your skin cells with do-it-yourself organic body butter recipes as well as help you understand the health benefits of an organic lifestyle. You will learn the very unique preservative measures you
must take in order to store and maintain your prepared body butters and create for yourself a unique and healthy ritual that brings assurance to your interior cells and takes the beauty industry’s hands out of your pocketbook. The planet offers you everything your body requires to find rejuvenation and sun-kissed skin glow. Your skin is your greatest organ and you must begin to treat it that way!


-Organic Body Care Recipes Box Set
-Organic Body Scrubs
-Organic Lip Balms
-Organic Body Butter
-And Natural Skin Care Recipes
-The Fruitful Mind


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