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12 Minute Income

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Hey Reader,

Let's Talk About What It's Not About:

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • List Building. 
  • Building Websites Or Funnels 
  • Squeeze Page.
  • Password Protected Area
  • Split Testing
  • Writing Long A** Sales Letters

All these things are great, but when you are starting out, I believe they just confuse and overwhelm people. 

Your first goal as beginner should be to get the in the bank. (That's a grea slogan, and perhaps bumper sticker)


  • What Is It About:
    It is all about making money simply and easily. Within days.


I Do Not Give Any Guarantees That You Will Even Make ONE Dollar,

Because I Don't Know You At All. You Perhaps Can't Even Turn On A Computer. (That's what my Mentor say.)

But if you do know how to use a computer, sign up for facebook/google and you can use them with ease then I can help you to make money online. "Help" Again you will have to follow through on what I'm about to to tell you in the book

Not only that I will also give you my personal Email Address to help you if you get stuck anywhere (Do not share it.).I'll Also Tell You How To Do List Building (Email Marketing) Without Any The Autoresponder Services Like AWeber And GetResponse, You Don't Need Them. And It's Free.  

I Will Also Tell You How To Make Money From Facebook (That will be in the bonus chapter along with advance techniques). 

(hint: it dose not involve you sending your family and friends Affiliate links. or post stupid offers on your wall.)

But You Will Need At Least 50$ To Make Money With These.

You have to keep in mind that this is a Real Business and not a game. Stop fooling yourself and thinking that the Internet Business is a game of some kind. IT IS NOT!

You are here to make money. Think of the things you can achieve, and places you can go to. 

Or you can have noting at all. Live your life like you do now and leave this page.

Thanks for reading, and I will hopefully see you in my book, as one of the action takers.

Bye and take care.(Also Do Something Good For Someone Else.

And STEAL!. Okay, forget that last part. I was just kidding) 

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