2016 College Graduation Resume SPECIAL!

by Delmar Johnson Enterprise

If you are a recent college graduate, this SPECIAL IS FOR YOU!  Don't leave you career search up to chance with a resume that doesn't reflect the skills, know-how and talent you're bringing to the table. HR Brain for Hire annual COLLEGE GRADUATION SPECIAL is here for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Want an employer to invest in you, then you must invest in yourself first.  Order your professional resume TODAY! 

What you can expect from the Resume Special:

  1. A direct call to find out exactly what you are wanting to use the resume for (e.g, position title, etc).
  2. Discussion and overview of your college/work history
  3. Questions on what steps you have already taken in your career search.
  4. General over of how I work and the time frame it will take to complete the revamp.

BONUS!! As a bonus you will be able to download a list of interview questions to think about and practice, a list of questions you can ask the interviewer, and lastly a break down of body language and what it says to the interviewer.

You will get a PDF (325KB) file.

$ 75.00

$ 75.00

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