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The Strong Mamas Workbook

This interactive, PDF workbook is going to help you to:
⭐stay POSITIVE during your pregnancy
⭐find your inner strength
⭐help you reclaim your trust in YOU
⭐survive pregnancy after miscarriage


I know what it is to lose a baby.  I know what it is to lose a dream.  I know what it is to go through hard times in your relationship.  I know what it is to lose all your plans. All your hopes and dreams.

I also know what it is to be right back at the start again. To be on the edge of that precipice once again, not knowing if you will fly or fall. I know what it is to have to trust again. To trust yourself, your body, another baby.

I also know what it is like to succeed. To fly. To get your dream.

There is often no rhyme or reason for miscarriage and nothing you could have done. But when you are ready to try again there is everything you can do to make your next experience a better one. In life there are no guarantees but you can make sure that the next time, if the worst were to happen, you don’t fall so far.

Pregnancy after two miscarriages was terrifying for me. I was scared to be positive. I stopped myself from being positive in case that made things go wrong. I stopped myself from doing the work I knew I needed to do out of fear and worry.

So,I created affirmations for myself to use,

I learnt a new technique called EFT to clear negative thoughts in an instant.

I learnt how to journal effectively.

I learnt how to be POSITIVE

and I understood that in doing that I wasn’t going to harm myself or the baby.

This book contains 6 detailed, interactive sections jam-packed with ideas, mindset tips and ways to stay positive in your pregnancy.

Not just a book, there are sections for you to fill in so you can create your own positive mindset as you go through.

By the end you will be armed with quick, simple easy to use techniques, completely personalised to you.

1. Negative Consequences - helping you to recognise and deal with negative thoughts.

2. Forgiveness - as an amazing tool for moving forward.

3. Negative Consequences - helping you understand how your fears are keeping you stuck.

4. Affirmations - how to turn negative thoughts to positive ones and CREATE the life you want.

5. Staying Positive - how to use those skills and keep them going throughout your pregnancy.

6 Coping with down days - what do to on the really tough days.


You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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£ 9.97

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