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3 Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in

By Djeukem Momo Loic Cabrel
Brief Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in the Centaur Colony is an adventure of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest where they are pursued, they get caught up and held hostage by centaurs of the centaur colony who have as mission to capture Harry and bring him to Voldemort.

Detailed Summary:

As all the children successfully escape the spiders' colonies, they back out of the forest into the Clean Clearing just in time to see a unicorn being devoured by a foul creature which is the spider Aragog. While Neville, Malfoy and his cronies flee away from the scene; Harry is saved from the spider by a centaur named Firenze.

Harry, Ron and Hermione as they are carried away by Firenze who tells them the fate of someone who kills unicorns, are later on joined by Hagrid and Neville; and they all go after the trails of unicorn blood to see how many have been slaughtered while Firenze bids them goodbye to his own affairs. The group as they head on encounter the centaurs Bane and Magorian who are reluctant to provide them with information on the killing of unicorns; and later the group divides into two to follow the trails branching in two directions. Hagrid goes one way and the children the other.

As they are following the trail, the children are interrupted and carried away by a panicking Firenze who thunders with them in the forest after a terrific challenge with the evil and dark Bane and Ronan who kept on following him with the kids before dispersing. Firenze abruptly stops in a clearing to explain the servitude of his colony to Voldemort; and after they spot some place just to see is a centaur camp; their non-discretion makes them caught up by centaurs. Harry later is hit and he falls unconscious.

As Harry wakes up in a clearing, he duels with Voldemort as young Tom Marvolo Riddle in Aragog again; and after some noises he hears bring him to a battle field where his friends, Hagrid and Firenze are dueling against the centaurs. As they succeed in scaring the centaurs away, they go to the tunnels where they are surprisingly caught up by the whole centaur colony and led to their chief Magorian. Hagrid alone escapes.

Later after a few questioning from Magorian who explains them the great role centaurs played in all the events unfolding in the forest, he is struck down by a flying arrow shot by Hagrid who has come to their rescue. Hagrid fights alone the centaurs and rescues the children and Firenze as they are led out of the centaur colony to a hidden cave as they listen to the commotion of centaur warriors passing in front of them.

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