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Prince to Frog ... and vice versa

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Applied psychological techniques to improve yourself - or others!

We are all born beautiful babies, adored by parents and friends, with potential to become real princes or princesses.

​However, at some stage, around 30 - for some later, for others even earlier- most of us, instead of "would-be princes," we become "frogs," as a result of the bad habits (poor nutrition, maladaptive thinking, bad companies, etc.) that we adopt along the way... and so on. 

How can one revert to being a prince once again? One solution is to wait for the kiss of the princess. The other is to read this book. It will serve as a manual for individuals who want to change something in their lives or in the lives of people around them.

Most people would like to change one or more things in their lives. In fact, when examining their lives, very few individuals have difficulty finding an area they would like to improve.

Based on the theories of learning and cognitive-behavioural psychology, Dr Ro describes goal setting and behaviour modification techniques that have been applied effectively in educational settings, fitness centers, business organizations, hospitals, mental health institutions, and prisons.  

If you are not happy with yourself or with the conditions in your life, do not lose hope, because you can change - as long as you follow certain steps. Yet, if you do not change your direction, you're going to end up where you're heading (saying ... made in China).