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O: A Slice of Life Series Omnibus

Praise for 'O': A Slice of Life Omnibus from

There are those times when you want to read something that is short and grabs you in that half-an-hour that you have. Something that is complete and can get completed in that byte-sized time that you have. Longer than flash fiction but shorter than a novella – and definitely not novel-sized. Call it the curse of this age or the blessing of technology, we have mastered the art of quick, hot and short and often seek it out more than ever before.


Ab Kaāl’s Slice of Life Series are just what the doctor ordered for these times. These are fairly short takes of a moment in the lives of the protagonists that take the reader into the moment and leave with a neatly tied up, yet tantalizing end. 


One of the things that we love about Ab Kaāl is that she creates complete characters. No work of hers is of the slap-bang-thank you ma’am variety. Instead we get to know the characters, who they are, where they are at the moment in time that we are sharing and what they are feeling at that point. We know why they are doing what they are doing – which gives us a connect to them and leads us to get invested and actually feel with and for them.


Each of the stories in ‘O’ is a lovely masterpiece by itself.


In Basic Instinct, we Keira and Sasha are introduced to us. Their circumstance is completely relatable. The attraction between them is palpable. It gives us a throwback of every time that we have longed for someone. We feel the tingles of anticipation as Keira and Sasha head towards the inevitable.


Ignite continues the story of Keira and Sasha but licks up many years later. It is frustrating and aggravating to know what happened to this wonderful couple in the interim period. We all have that one person – that one girl – who remains irresistible to us. Our mind may warn us against her. Logically we know that we should have nothing to do with her. But then there is something beyond us; beyond our mind; and even beyond our heart that makes us inextricable entwined and drawn into her orbit. When that happens, we have Ignite.


God Is A Woman, is a fairly typical office romance. An out lady with a straight woman is an oft-tackled theme, but Ab Kaāl’s expertise makes it so much more tender and gentle – and as always, butterflies-in-the-stomach hot. She doesn’t rush the characters or timeline in this story. Instead the relationship unfolds as it probably would in real life – and that makes it just so connectable.


We love – totally love – the way Ab Kaāl writes the sex scenes. They are detailed and utterly captivating. It will be a rare reader who will not feel goosebumps and tingles reading them – they are that good.


'O' is an excellent collection which we are definitely thrilled to have…and you should get it too.

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