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The Biker: Men in the Shadows 2

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When a young man is sold for drugs on the day of his mother’s funeral, he thinks his life is over. It wasn’t like it was a great life that Malcolm Sandoval had led so far, not with a drug addicted mother, a father who’d left him before he was three, and a stepfather that punched first and asked questions later.

Kirk was another biker, like TJ, Malcolm’s stepfather. A Harley riding, drug dealing biker. That’s all Malcolm could see…at first.

Soon, however, Kirk’s amazing body and more amazing but gruff kindness tore through Malcolm’s belief that no one could want him. He felt himself falling for the quiet and deadly man, but like all the roads of Malcolm’s life, the bumps steered him into despair.

Kirk goes to prison and Malcolm must face the world without him. Busted for attempting to kill Malcolm’s hated stepfather, Kirk faces at least six months and Malcolm takes the members of the bike club to Oregon to avenge the betrayal TJ had committed.

TJ’s brother seeks his own revenge and makes Malcolm pay for the theft of his money and the death of his brother. Can Kirk get out in time to save Malcolm or will this be their last ride?

Warning: Contains scenes of sex between two men, light bdsm, violence.
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