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Wolf Mate (Audio)

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Narrated by Jason Clarke and Lili Valente

Maxim proved he would give his life to defend mine.

I proved I would kill to keep him by my side.

But is the bloody devotion of a united king and queen enough to win this war?

My fated mate and I are finally fighting on the same side, but our enemies have burrowed deeper into our pack than we ever imagined possible. Before we face my mad sister and her army, we’ll first have to free the minds of our own people.

Meanwhile, Maxim’s sister is still in enemy hands and black magic rises with the full moon.

Can we save the people we love and heal the shifter world before it’s too late?

Or will we lose everything we hold dear—our hope, our freedom, and maybe even…each other.

(This is the final book in the series. No cliffhanger.)

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