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The Passionate Italian

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Passion wasn't high on Rose's agenda growing up in poverty: survival was, independence was, but not the crazy, elemental passion that she'd found with Giovanni Visconti. But, after a year together, the passion had twisted into jealousy and control and Rose had disappeared--seemingly unable to deal with her husband's passionate nature.

But, two years later, Giovanni tracks Rose down. He's discovered something that makes him realize that there was more to Rose's departure than he'd first thought, and he's determined to control his jealous passions in order to prove to his wife that she can trust him. But Rose is keeping secrets from him--secrets with the potential to destroy more than just their relationship...

The Italian Romance series continues with Her Retreat and Perfect.
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Seduced by the Italian


The Italian's Perfect Lover


An Accidental Christmas


Italian Romance Boxed Set (Books 1-3)