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SLC / Sprain Pack #2

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This set/pack includes the following 5 clips from CCC:

Teacher Achilles Injury SLC 21.5 mins. (c. 2012), Uncut, never before seen version! The beginning (first 2 minutes) actually shows outtakes of her falling down the stairs in sandals, crying out in pain, and her bare leg being vaccum splinted before we pick up with the actual storyline of the clip with one of her long legs clad in a Navy pointed SLC from below knee to the base of her toes. She is a strong crutcher and she takes you through a few days in her life as a student teacher, crutching around the campus of an elementary school. She talks in depth with her toes (red polish) in your face about her achilles tear and draws you in with her sweet southern accent.  She also displays tremendous balance skills, careful of her protruding toes as she ambles around the school.  She talks about steps she has to take to elevate her cast, the kids reaction to her cast and injury and all about life in the cast.  Later she crutches down some stairs across to the chapel on campus where there's more extended cast talk before she makes the long crutch across the courtyard to crutch back up the steep concrete stairs. Eventually she crutches back to the car to end her day, talking affably all the while.  The last 30 seconds feature her without the cast and a little barefoot crutching and cast talk.

Camille Sprain Aircast Crutching, 14.5 mins (c. 2016), In this clip we meet Camille crutching through a restaurant back to her table with her foot wrapped in an ace bandage and held in positon by a black air cast with green gel padding.  Her sweet red painted toes are sticking out as she crutches in her jeans and cute spring top around a campus for the rest of this clip. Don't worry, there's lots of detail about her ankle sprain, toe wiggling, talk about how the brace and foot feels, and how she's so glad she doesn't have a cast.  She crutches up and down stairs, up and down ramps, and all around, very careful not to let her sprained ankle touch the ground.  A great clip for sprain fans and crutching fans!

Pink SLC Soccer Injury to Baseball Game, 20 mins (c. 2010), Unedited director's version! The clip begins with a soccer player tripping over the ball and in a lot of pain after hurting her ankle.  There are multiple clips and outtakes of her being injured and lamenting/in pain after hurting herself.  Eventually we see her call for help when she gets to the car in her pink soffee shorts and cute top.  Next she emerges with a pink slc dangling off the ground, and a big jacket on while still in her pink shorts and soccer shoe/shinguard/sock on her uninjured foot as she calls to tell someone the verdict and how her life is changed for the next few months!  We then see her crutch to the car before we pan to see her crutching into a store to get some fuzzy socks in the next scene, this time with an ugg boot on her good foot, and tight leggings/yoga pants pulled over her cast.  She crutches around the store, picks out the right pair of spring looking fuzzy socks, before crutching out of the store, plastic bag in hand. Next, she has her fuzzy socks pulled over the cast and crutches into a sandwich place.  Later we see her crutching towards a public transit station, and later down the stairs of public transportation on the way to a baseball game, still with a sock, and now with sweatpoants pulled over that hot pink cast. SHe has a brief scene where she talks about the attention she is getting and help she needs at the game, befoe the clip ends with more shots of her crutching near a public transit station back to her car, and final reflections of the cast propped up on the dash and POV shots of her talking all about her cast, her experience, and what comes next.

Compartment Surgery Sock Crutching, 6.5 mins (c. 2010), This cute southern sorority girl and former student-athlete is non weight bearing on crutches as we meet her crutching at the park.  She has navy sweats on and a blue fuzzy sock on her injured leg. She proficiently crutches around, stopping to flex her socked toes and tell you all about the injury that put a halt to her career. She talks about how she is careful not to put weight on her leg, why she doesn't wear a shoe on her injured foot, and how it has complicated her life.  She talks about how she rests and both hops out and into the car, careful not to bare any weight in this clip. One of the best crutchers we've ever had at CCC, and she does a great and thorough job explaining her life on crutches to you.  A great one for sock, sprain, and crutch fans.

Track and Field Air-Cast to SLC, 25 mins (c. 2013), This collegiate track and field athlete emerges from the car with crutches and her right foot wrapped and secured with a white aircast with green gel-pads and a running shoe on her left foot. She gets up and crutches to rest and tell you that she's getting a MRI on a healing stress fracture and hoping to get off crutches and released from practice before continuing to crutch up to the office up a ramp.Unfortunately, it's obvious that isn't going to happen in the next scene as the aircast has been replaced with a pink and blue short leg cast.  She crutches back down the ramp and to the car where she calls a friend to tell them the bad news. We then get extended crutching and cast talk on campus, where she details her cast life and how hard life is as a college student and her full stress fracture story.  She has an awesome attitude as she perseveres with the cast and crutches, and her smile is infectious as she continues to detail her plight.  Later we see her crutch to a drug store to return a red box, and later both a brief scene of her walking and crutching with a cast shoe, which she takes on and off and details for you. The clip ends with her hopping up and back down her apartment stairs.
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