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Becoming A Computer Expert in 7 Days

This manual will teach you the essential skills you need to know to becoming an
expert with your PC. You’ll never have to be confused again when the salesman
tells you why you need to buy a particular PC model. You’ll be able to ask
intelligent questions and stop deceiving salesmen from over-charging you.
This guide explains the information you need to know, in a step by step manner.
Always try to grasp a particular concept before moving on to the next. If you take
time to go through this guide and actually carry out what you’ve learned, you will
become your own computer expert in 7 days or less.
However, this is not a complete guide that will teach you everything you want to
know about computers. That would take thousands of pages. But it is enough for
an average user to make a decision on what type of PC he needs to buy and to
troubleshoot basic problems when they occur.
One of the main objectives of this book is to give you enough knowledge so that
you can tell the technicians fixing your PC, that you’re not a complete newbie.
You can challenge their decisions and also give your own suggestions.
By showing that you too have knowledge with PCs, you’ll stop the dishonest
salesman from charging you ridiculous prices.

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