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Reduce Stress and Burnout - Video Course

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Dear Executives - Stress and Burnout are the two biggest headaches for employees worldwide. Millions are suffering from these two troubles in their lives every day.

What causes Stress? - The top stress creators are office politics, productivity pressures, customer demands, performance appraisals, cost cutting, retrenchment, outsourcing, traffic, business travel, and so on. These headaches can turn even the most capable employee into a nervous wreck over time.

The Usual Remedies - of stress control are medications, counseling, exercises, therapy, seminars, and even spirituality like meditation and yoga. But these remedies cost time, money, effort, and travel. And not everyone will have the time or money to frequently indulge in such remedies.

The Solution - In this course I will teach an amazing zero cost technique to dramatically reduce your stress and burnout by more than 50 to 75% without taking the usual remedies. You can practice my technique anytime sitting at home or in the office. All I need is less than an hour to demonstrate my technique.

What will you get? - Self-paced Video files of the technique that you can use for your personal or corporate presentations.
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (103MB)
  • MP4 (60MB)

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