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M A: Erectile Dysfunction and Ejaculation Disorders

Erectile dysfunction is prevalent today and affects four out of every ten men. This has been a serious issue for men experiencing such situation which often result to broken relationships and depression. Studies have shown that many women see their partner as less a man compared to when the man has a very thick rock hard member that drives them to experience orgasms and satisfaction.
The desire to experience orgasms is every woman’s crave and they tend to feel very disappointed in their partner who can’t perform well. No matter how they pretend with a smile like, ˝it’s okay’’, ‘’nothing is wrong’’, something is definitely wrong and if not put to check, will lead to infidelity issues.
Many men today experience ejaculation disorders. Like 5 out of 10 men today battle with such condition. Ejaculation disorder according to study, can be grouped into the following;
1.Premature ejaculation–which has to do with releasing sperm during foreplay or few seconds after penetration.
2.Retarded ejaculation–which has to do with a slow to spill scanty and watery ejaculation.
3. Retrograde ejaculation–which has to do with a situation where the semen is forced back to the bladder rather than passing through the urethra.
These days, various new aphrodisiac emerges with claims to offer relief from weak erection and ejaculation disorders with little or no efficacy and some individuals have fallen prey to these misguided claims from commercial houses and bill boards.
This book is here to create awareness about the importance of having a positive approach to issues regarding sexual health and performance, listing out several natural aphrodisiacs and their powerful effects on our sexual well being with vivid pictorial illustrations.
With so many aphrodisiac marketed and advertised today, it also offers guide to the right purchase and use of aphrodisiacs.
Relax and explore the wonderful effects of these powerful aphrodisiacs and their health beneficial properties and how they can help reverse your disorder and boost your sexual life.

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