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Digitakt & Syntakt 60 min live set Techno project

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In this Live set I use Digitakt and Syntakt Linked

Midi out from Digitakt to midi in of Syntakt

Digitakt is the master Clock and receives audio from Syntakt

Before install Both project, upgrade to last firmware both machines.

Digitakt contains 95 samples

Install and set pattern 1 in the both.

Push play on Digitakt and Syntakt will start together .

For change patterns from 1 to 16 you will do manually of if you prefer you can set Digitakt for sending program change to Syntakt and set ST for receiving program change .

note: you can Use this projects for make live set, take inspirations or only for fun. 100% royalties free

have fun

You will get the following files:
  • DTPRJ (11MB)
  • STPRJ (25KB)

Customer Reviews

Optimus P.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Worth every cent

These projects are really fun to play with and helped me with writing my own music