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Pandemic Pivot

I think we’ve all released that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon.

If our businesses are going to survive, we have to adapt to our new normal.

But that’s easier said than done. I mean, how do you make plans when things are so uncertain? Sounds impossible right?


I want to show you how you can not only survive the aftermath of COVID-19, but grow your business.

Introducing Pandemic Pivot!

This 3 part toolkit has been designed to help small business owners adapt their marketing and content after COVID-19. 

It’s made up of 3 resources:
  1. A 60-page easy-to-follow ebook that takes you through adapting your business step-by-step. There’s no filler pages, it’s just pure tips & tricks that will help you grow.
  2. A 17-page workbook that contains tasks and activities that you can do alongside the ebook. It’s been designed to help you apply what you learn to your own business.
  3. A content calendar template to keep your strategy organised. 
Some of the chapters include:
  • How  to do a competitive analysis
  • Developing target audience personas
  • Content & marketing audits
  • How to adapt your offering
  • How to choose the right marketing channel
Plus much much more ( full contents included in images above)!

The resources in Pandemic Pivot are highly valuable and packed with actionable tips to help you adapt. This toolkit can help you if:
  • You want to regain control of your business and find clarity.
  • You feel overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists and need a structured tried-and-tested process to follow.
  • You’re frustrated by the lack of growth you’ve achieved in your business this year.
  • You want to adapt and be proactive instead of constantly reacting and feeling like you’re always one step behind.
  • You’re looking for practical advice that you can use in your business and not unrealistic theories.
  • You want to invest in your business and yourself but don’t have the budget for a bespoke service.
  • You want to see long-term sustainable wins that will last longer than this pandemic.
  • You’re ready to take action and hold yourself accountable.
Still not sure? Here are 6 reasons why you should purchase Pandemic Pivot now!
  1. Easy to follow & step-by-step processes. I’ve written Pandemic Pivot in a way that makes the whole process of adapting your strategy stress-free.
  2. Jam-packed with marketing advice & strategies. The Pandemic Pivot ebook is 60 pages, over 16,000 words and amazing value for money. There are no pages full of images or filler pages making it longer than it needs to be. It’s simple tips and tricks designed to help you adapt your strategy.
  3. Practical advice for the real-world. I’ve used real-world examples to make things clearer.
  4. Applicable to most businesses. I’ve used examples from a wide variety of businesses (both online and brick-and-mortar) to help you apply the processes to your own business.
  5. More affordable than bespoke services. Want some of my best advice but don’t have the budget for bespoke marketing services? This DIY option is perfect for you!  Put it this way, the cost of the ebook, workbook and content calendar template is about the same as a week’s worth of Starbucks. What’s more of a priority? Coffee or your business?
  6. One purchase, with long-term use. The Pandemic Pivot might be focused on marketing your business post COVID-19, but the strategies you will learn can be used in the long-term when the pandemic is history. 
So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy of Pandemic Pivot now!

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing Pandemic Pivot, you agree to the terms & conditions which grants you the non-exclusive use of this material. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partnerships and may not be resold, loaned, and/or gifted to another individual and/or party. You may not share, loan or redistribute/sell or copy any of these files in any way. 

Pandemic Pivot is copyright protected. You may not sell, share or otherwise transfer the material to any other party. You may only use these products for personal or professional use. Anyone deemed to be in breach of these terms will be prosecuted.


Jessica Riley is not responsible for lost files for any reason, but may be willing to re-issue the product once a valid purchase receipt has been provided. Jessica Riley is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss/damage arising from the use of our products in whatever form.

Pandemic Pivot has been created for educational purposes only. All opinions expressed are the author’s own and based on personal experience. 

There is no guarantee that following the advice in Pandemic Pivot will achieve the same results. The success or failure of your actions is dependent on numerous factors and circumstances that are beyond our control. 


Due to the nature of digital products, once purchased, Pandemic Pivot is not eligible for returns or refunds. 

However, if there’s anything you’re not happy with, please email and we will endeavour to ensure you receive the support you need to get the most from our guide.

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