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Sarai 3.0

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Sarai (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Sweet but Street...

Great FB Tracking (and Tested)
Includes an Optimized Version!

3.0 Specialties Include...

  • Toggle-able (and Dissolving) Outfits, Accessories, Hairs, etc~!
  • 2 Hair Toggles (Long Hair and Ponytail)
  • Custom Hand Gestures
  • Hue Shift for Metal, Hair and Hair Emmission
  • Optimized Version Includes Ponytail.
  • Scratch assets you wont find anywhere else~!
  • Note: This avatar comes with PHYSBONES, you wont need to worry about wacky converting!
  • This model uses WRITE DEFAULTS OFF, no random nakedness in the public lobbies~!


Comes with Optimized version of the model!

Includes Dynamics on Boobs, Butt. Thighs and all the normal expected thingies

All Clothing Toggles On and Off, NSFW, and has Optimized Version

Custom Textures, glitter masks as well as Tattoos


Package ~ $30 USD

That Includes the optimized model~!

You cannot use ANY of these assets without purchasing them from their respected owners.

You cannot use my edit of the ZINPIA head under any circumstances without buying the head as well as having my permission~! (That also goes to any other asset)

NOTE: This package requires Poiyomi and the VRC SDK (newest!) to be put in unity before you put this package in unity. This package is made for 2019 Unity.

All Photo and Showcase Credits Go to OtakuDemon, Gashina and DaddyIssues- Thanks Babes~!!!


Poiyomi Pro is known to break packages because of toon in the past for my packages- any questions if you run into this issue is probably answered or can be answered in my server


Body, Head, Husky Ears/Tail- Sugs#9795 (ZinPia) (
All other Assets are made from scratch by me! - Sura#0001

You will get a UNITYPACKA (390MB) file

Sakuya 3.0


Sawyer 3.0 (Physbone + OPTI)


Shiori 3.0 (PhysBones)


Serenity 3.0 (Physbones + QUEST)

Sloane 3.0

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Sienna 3.0 (PhysBones)


Sayura 3.0


Sophia 3.0 (Physbones + Quest)

Sydney 3.0


Sisters Package