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How to Run Your Own Profitable Workshops

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Running workshops is one of the best ways to amplify your message, acquire new clients, have an impact and create abundance.  People have the craving to be connected. By bringing people together into one place, you create an amazing learning experience.

You have the knowledge and experiences that others will pay to learn from you. It is a rewarding experience to get paid for doing what you love – sharing what you know. It is fulfilling to see how you impact lives through your training programs.

Training and teaching is an evergreen business that you can do part-time and earn you a full-time income.  People are always seeking to upgrade themselves, more so in bad times. In most societies especially in Asia, we have a learning culture.  It’s a profitable business that will not get obsolete.

If you have not done training before, it may seem an impossible task. You might have mental objections and hesitations.  You think you are not yet an expert. You think you are not qualified to teach. You wonder why they should listen to you when there are experts who are more qualified than you. You think as an introvert, it is not your comfort zone.

I hear you.  Take me as an example. I am not an eloquent speaker, nor am I a leading expert in the industry.  I don’t do my training in high-class hotel rooms. I don’t wear a suit. I am an introvert, a person of few words. I do not use paid advertisement.  This is a make money with no or little money method.

Yet, I had been able to earn a full-time income, doing one evening workshop a week for the last few years. I do everything on my own as a solopreneur – from content creation, promotion, delivery to support.

Once upon a time, I used to hate public speaking. I had a phobia for public speaking. But after  3 years and over 60 workshops, I fall in love with it. BTW, I have a diploma in training from STADA. I was the chartered President of Changi Simei Toastmasters Club.

If I can do it, you can do it as well, if not better than me. Whatever objections you have, I will show you a way out of these roadblocks.

I had helped a number of friends by giving them a platform to launch their first public speaking gigs. It was such a liberating experience for them. I want to do the same for you, to help you debut your first workshop.

In this e-course, I will share with you how I make money with live workshops, my process, how to avoid costly mistakes and tips to make it a successful one. I will cover 3 areas: the pre-event, what to do during the event, and post-event.

Here’s what you will discover: 

 The myth of training. Why you don’t have to be world class to teach
 How to craft headlines that sell.
 How to get influencers to promote your workshop
 How to set up affiliate system
 How to double the value of your workshop easily so that you can charge a higher price.
 How to get helpers for free
How to give your participants an unforgettable wow experience
How to get done-for-you content for your workshop
How to raise the energy level of your audience by doing this one simple activity
How to avoid this common mistake that causes most trainers to lose their money
Where to find cheap and good training rooms
 How to generate passive income from your workshop
The content framework to develop your content structure.
Why being an introvert is not a limitation to being an awesome speaker
 My process from topic ideas, createing sales pages, promotion, delivery to post-event support
…and more

What you will get:

You will get 39 lessons in the 108-page report. It valued at $700. 
 You will learn proven frameworks, models and strategies created by expert trainers. This information is suitable for experienced trainers.    The modules cover the following:

– venue
– pricing
– topics
– preparing lessons
– marketing

During the Event:
– music
– delivery
– content structure

– photos
– testimonials


This e-course is one of the most-valued for money program because of the extensive and valuable content that you will receive. I am confident it is as good as any 4-figure training programs on this topic.

Remember, conducting live workshops is the best way to reach more people and grow your business. It is the fast way to earn cash. Whether you are a newbie or already a trainer, this program is suitable for you.

 If you want to make money with workshops, click on the 'buy' button below.
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