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Mommy Mental Makeover Masterclass

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Hey Mama!!

Are you ready to get the skills you need to help you feel better? Inside this free Masterclass is an engaging and honest discussion to help you figure out how you have been responding to stress and how to manage it within 72 hours!

You will learn:
  • Deailed information about your potential mental and emotional condition (for educational purposes only).
  • Key strategies to begin the process of reducing depressive symptoms and anxiety if you have them
  • Proven stress management techniques you need to put into practice right now

To contact me or if you have any questions, please send an email to

Follow me on IG: @conqueringyou
Visit for indepth details about the Mommy Mental Makeover™️Course

Redistribution or copying of ANY of the content in this video is strictly prohibited and is absolutely forbidden for personal or professional gain. 

**DISCLAIMER: I make NO GUARANTEE that you will be completely recovered from diagnosed, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness as a result of viewing this video. The ideas presented in the video are of my own opinion and copyrighted. If you need assistance with identifying a therapist in your community, please look on the back of your insurance card for the number to Mental/Behavioral Health Services or go to
You will get a MP4 (393MB) file
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