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5 Top Reasons to Write Thank You Cards This Year

  1. Your mail will actually get opened and seen.
  2. You’ll never be too famous to write thank you cards.
  3. It’s easier to get booked again-and-again by the same people than to convince someone to book you the for the first time.
  4. Expressing gratitude will boost your confidence.
  5. You'll be liked and appreciated for being an actor that gives vs always asking for something.

What You'll Get

Day 1: How Can Actors Personally Brand a Thank You Card?

The first day goes over everything you need to know about buying cards that are branded to you.

Day 2: To Whom Are Actors Writing a Follow-up Thank You Card?

The second day is going to talk about who you should write to so that you don't leave anyone hanging because there are key people that you should be writing thank you cards to throughout the year.

Day 3: When Should Actors Write Thank You Cards?

The third day is gonna break down how often you should be writing cards because it can turn into overkill, even with thank you cards. There's a formula for not looking desperate, but also not making them look like an afterthought.

Day 4: What Should Actors Write in Their Thank You Cards?

The fourth day is really the secret sauce, baby! This is when you get the templates and the prompts. The prompts will show you how to personalize the card in a way that only you can to set your card apart from the rest.

Day 5: When Is It Appropriate for Actors to Send a Gift?

The fifth day it could be a download in and of itself. It has everything you need to know about giving gifts with your cards, all the do's and don'ts. There are times when gifts are appropriate and times when they are not. 

They also don't need to be expensive. In fact, I break down free options in the download as well. That needs to be done correctly, and it needs to be done at the right time and to the right people. I don't want you to miss this section because it can really enhance your thank you card if you want it to, or it can take away from it. 

Terms and Conditions 

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