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Jake was too smart to believe the rumours about Scaderstone Pit, but now he's in more danger than he could ever have imagined.

The pit is so much more than an abandoned quarry, and the risks are not rumours but real, because somewhere, sometime, the stone is waiting.

Discovered over 5,000 years ago, the Darkeningstone affects everyone who finds it.
In the modern day, nothing in Jake's life has prepared him for what he's about to witness.
In 1939, as World War II looms, the lives of two men will be changed forever.
Over 5,000 years ago, a hermit will keep the stone a secret. But someone is watching him - someone with murder in his heart.

But what will happen when these different worlds collide? How will the tales unfold?

And when it finds you, what will you see when you look into The Darkeningstone?

Reading order:

Book 1 - Trespass

Book 2 - Outcast

Book 3 - Scaderstone

All 3 full-length novels in the series are available as a single volume.

Optional prequel - Breaking Ground.

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