Instant Vocabulary Builder English Edition - The Easiest & Most Enjoyable Way to Build & Expand your Vocabulary Instantly & Exponentially!

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This 240+ page Instant Vocabulary Builder English Version Reference eBook is truly a GEM! This is a great resource to help you expand your vocabulary rapidly at exponential rate. It provides proven method to strengthen your command over English language. It also includes a database of WORD ROOTS and English DERIVATIVES, database of Affixes (Prefixes & Suffixes) with their corresponding meanings, language origins and various examples.

The importance of VOCABULARY on reading and other skills should not be overlooked because vocabulary knowledge affect 'Reading Comprehension', 'Speaking', 'Writing' and we know that communication breaks down especially when speaker doesn’t use the right words.

Vocabulary acquisition is one of the most important needs of English language learners. Discovering the common roots of words, language learners soon understand the meaning of many unknown words, they have never seen before, derived from the same root. Students who understand how words are formed by combining prefixes, suffixes, and roots tend to have larger vocabularies and better reading comprehension than peers without such knowledge and skills.


  • Build your vocabulary instantly at exponential rate without need for memorization!
  • Master the English language! Improves & strengthens your memory!
  • Accelerate your spelling skills, verbal ability, reading comprehension & proficiency.
  • Decipher and comprehend difficult vocabulary words and remember it for life. Once you know the origin and the root of a word, it is impossible to forget its meaning later! If you recognize the parts, you'll understand the whole.
  • Predict the meaning of unfamiliar words more accurately.
  • Decode medical, legal, engineering, chemistry and literature lingos!
  • Expand your knowledge bank of vocabulary words rapidly with less effort!
  • Decipher words in multiple languages such as Italian, French, Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish & more!
  • Become familiar with thousands of words we use regularly!
  • Figure out unknown & difficult words with ease without continual reference to dictionaries!
  • Make English simple! Master the secret of vocabulary building in no time!
  • Construct many English words correctly by learning to put these building blocks together in the proper way.
  • Acquire many new words and remember them much longer than you can by just learning unrelated word lists.
  • Better understand all the vocabulary words built on Latin, Greek and Anglo-Saxon element that exists in English words.
  • Pass and ace your English standardized tests for study, work & migration such as GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, EFL, ESL and the likes!
  • Get a better job and increase your earning power!


  • The best mnemonic device and memory aid in learning vocabulary!
  • A proven method to strengthen your command over English language!
  • A type of learning strategy more highly retainable and generalizable, making it superior to simple route learning of vocabulary
  • The tools needed for decoding difficult words easily and for expanding vocabularies more permanently
  • A fast-word attack strategy
  • An easy, no-boring, yet addictive way of building your vocabulary!
  • The essential building blocks of all words: prefixes, suffixes, root words, etc!
  • Database of English derivatives from Latin, Greek & Anglo Saxon

Instant Vocabulary Builder eBook is definitely an invaluable addition to any English or linguistics library. Appropriate for Virtually almost Any Age Range, this Authoritative Guide Makes Learning English Vocabulary Usage More Easier and Enjoyable!

Lack of understanding or ability to spell the crucial vocabulary of your subject? Then take the time to get to the root of the problem... Get to the ROOTS of the Words!

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