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10 Days of Self-care Doodling

A video course on well-being

Hi! I’m Agnes de Bezenac

I'm a certified Wellness Coach with an artistic flaire.

What is included

This course focuses on creating 10 doodle self-care pages. We will explore a few aspects of self-care, create meaningful art to document your progress over time, and chart gentle reminders of how to take better care of yourself.

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What is self-care you may ask. I know I have wondered that myself, more recently in the last years because I’ve realized that I need to pay attention to it.

For me today, self-care is taking time to take care of myself, whether it be physical or mental, or emotional. There is the creative side, the spiritual side, the practical side... I realize it’s such a vast topic, and there are so many sides, ins and outs about it. So if you’re here cause you want to learn more about self-care, well, we’re on this journey together, cause I feel I’m constantly learning and growing and realizing and noticing more and more what it means for me, as well as trying things out, practicing, building habits or routines for my self-care and all that.

I feel that a big part of self-care for me is taking care of my mental and emotional well-being, which is the reason I’ve created these doodle pages.

Art brings a sense of peace and calm. Art helps to center and bring things back into perspective. It’s also a way to reflect and express feelings and emotions. It also lights us up and makes us feel good. But it’s easy for me to get into the perfection mindset when it comes to art, that’s why these doodle pages work so well. There is no bad doodle. Doodles are lines on a page that can go in all directions. They can be sketchy and rough or smooth and messy, all of it is okay. Just as in life, on this journey, things sometimes get messy or emotional, but all is okay. I’ll have ups and downs. These doodles serve as a reminder that I’m just where I need to be, I’m enough, and it’s all good.

By sharing a few techniques of how I do it, how I express myself in the form of art and doodles for my self care might give you a few ideas so that you can personalize it to you.

I usually make these in my morning reflection times. I don’t have much time, that’s why a doodle works well for me. I can start out by quickly sketching a little part of it, then come back to it later in the day or in the evening, or maybe even on another day. There is no pressure at all.