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Bitcoin Exposed: Today's Complete Guide to Tomorrow's Currency

Do the people or institutions that control the currency we use have an advantage over us? Does this
advantage allow them to live more easily, become richer and not have to work like we do for the
currency? (Hint: YES!)
There’s a new currency in town, one that is beginning to change how the world’s nations,
marketplaces and peoples interact financially.
What To Expect From This Book:
- Learn all the basics of Bitcoin, from how to buy them, use them, sell them, and even create (mine)
- Discover the top 8 dangers for Bitcoin users.
- A step-by-step guide to creating one’s own Bitcoins, with only the computer you have now. Plus
learn how to become a super Bitcoin creator (miner).
- An essential, informative chapter, “How to Trade Bitcoins”. While not guaranteeing anyone profits,
these techniques have produced consistent and large trading profits across several markets over
thousands of trades.
- How to avoid the many, advanced Bitcoins scams on the Internet. There are ways to avoid them and
this guide shows you how.
- Learn the right way and many wrong ways to set-up Bitcoin use. You’ll learn how to steer clear of
common mistakes, and how to safely venture into the Bitcoin world.

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