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We are proud of the curriculum and content we provide for schools, school districts, teachers around the world. 

We are now offering our whole library of Premium Quizlet Verified Creator Content to all teachers!  Over 2,000 sets organized into folders for instant study by students. 

** See an example folder with a few sets so you know how it works.  Use password "example".  

Assign to your students through the links provided or with a click of the button to Google Classroom. Or add to your existing Quizlet Classroom and monitor completion and progress data. 

Sets are numerous and download the preview sample to see the categories for all levels and ages.  In addition, these sets are very unique. Most consist of "gif" moving images to enhance student engagement, enjoyment and providing visual context for the words.  Use Quizlets powerful modes of online learning: Matching, Test, Learn, Match and more .  Also, you can print these and cut up to use as paper flashcards. 

The file contains all links and full instructions including access to a How To Use Quizlet guide. Also the password for access to sets. 

No need ever to hunt around for vocabulary study material - be it for beginners, advanced learners, ESP or Academic content and more ... 

A list of the folders and sets. 

Beginner English.  (26 sets)
Intermediate Engish.  (17 sets)
Advanced English.  (10 sets)
Dolch Nouns.  (9 sets)
Alphabet English.  (34 sets)
Am. vs. Br. English.  (6 sets)
Emotions. Feelings. (14 sets)
Learning to Spell.  (9 sets)
The Verbs Of English.  (18 sets)
Pronunciation Practice.  (11 sets)
Collocations & Chunks.   (46 sets)
Things That ....  (88 sets)
All Things Sports. (81 sets)
Travel English. (31 sets)
The Animal Kingdom. (39 sets)
Holidays. (51 sets)
Prefix/Suffixes. (27 sets)
Adv. Food Vocab. (88 sets)
Science. STEM. (62 sets)
The Environment. (37 sets)
Travel & Geography. (59 sets)
History & Environment. (58 sets)
People. (108 sets)
TKT - Teacher Knowledge Test (27 sets)
TV & Movies.(132 sets)
Music & Song.(41 sets)
News & Media.(47 sets)
The Olympics. (19 sets)
Technology. (26 sets)
Misc. Other. (46 sets)
Teaching In English. EMI. (3 sets)

After Jan. 01, 2021, we'll have our whole paid library available to those who purchase this product. No need to do anything, the links will just start to work. See all these additional sets HERE in our Verified Quizlet Creator Store. Phonics, Business English. Verbs. Test Prep. Aviation English and much more ...

Beginner English Vocabulary (75 sets)
Academic English  (35 sets)
The Academic Word Lists  (11 sets)
Business English (31 sets)
Aviation English (18 sets)
English Idioms (13 sets)
Flags & Countries  (16 sets)
Phonics (64 sets)
First 1,000 words of English  (46 sets)
The Verbs Of English (37 sets)
Test Preparation  (26 sets)
TKT – Teacher Knowledge Test (28 sets)
CAE Test – Keyword Transformation (6 sets)
CAE Test – Trios (6 sets)
Spanish For Beginners (76 sets)
You will get a PDF (450KB) file

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