Vectors and Time-Frames Sequence

by Dr Sofia Stavropoulou - Correia

-Have you ever caught yourself switching from Time-Frame to Time-Frame in a desperate mode hoping to see a different picture of the Market than the one that eats up your capital?

-I have been in that situation countless times.  

Although I have given a name to this Syndrome for the beginners, calling it the “Market’s Tourist Syndrome” which may as well be the “Cat I was petting turned into a Tiger Syndrome”  or for the more advanced Traders it may be  “Grasshopper’s Syndrome”, the truth is that none of these Syndromes can torture you when you KNOW THE PATTERN.  It took me years and huge losses till I started looking for the PATTERN.  Apart from recognizing the PATTERN per se, I consider understanding the thinking process that leads to the right conclusions based on it, even more important.  

Price Action is a Process.  It’s not an event.  This Process has escalation,  de-escalation,  as well as stagnation  stages.  By using the Technical Analysis tools of our choice, we aim at recognizing the patterns that repeat themselves during the process but most importantly, we’re able to spot the sequence of Signals that lead to escalation or de-escalation of a move.

Time-Frames serve as magnifying glasses as we switch from higher to smaller or they help us see the bigger picture as we go from smaller to higher.  Their key-importance though on a practical level, relies on helping us validate the PROGRESS of the move therefore making trading decisions based on that.


Knowing what to  look for instantly gives a specific meaning to the Time-Frames as I switch from one to the next up or down.

Entering at the right time-point is essential and actually it’s what makes Trading a skillful art. If there is a picture you should have in your mind before getting ready to jump in the trade, is that of the “jumping rope”, the game we were playing when we were little kids.

The main question though, remains ...“how long should I wait till I Enter?”


This reminds me of the Dental School Exams on Radiology. We young Dentists, were presented with the exams question:

-“How far away should the Dentist stand from the X-Rays Device while taking a radiography of patient’s teeth?”

#1...2 meters
#2...As long as the control cord goes

The right answer was #3.  We should stay away from the Radio Energy source, infinitely.

Similarly, for the trade, it’s not OUR TIME that matters, it’s MARKET’S TIME. Therefore we should WAIT for ALL our Entry Criteria to be met, infinitely.

This VIDEO-Tutorial shows you how to apply VECTORS System effectively knowing what to look for as you switch from Time-Frame to Time-Frame.  It does that on a real-time Trade on GOLD, using Time-Frames screenshots while sharing with you a Traders' Thoughts from Candlestick to Candlestick.

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