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Knotted & Tied Deep Inside Vol 12

These are the absolute hottest, filthiest dog sex bestiality stories you’ll find! Massive, throbbing red rockets being tied into helpless, innocent women, knotting them until they finish dominating and impregnating their bitches.

THIS is what you’ve been looking for!

Stories Included:

* BMC 1 - Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog
* BG 3 - Gangbanged By The TSA Dogs
* BG 4: Trained By My Dogs
* Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido

* BMC 1 - Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog

Staring at the computer screen for hours was starting to wear on Sandra’s mind. But she had to finish this report!

Suddenly, unbidden images flashed in front of her. Was this some kind of hack? Or trick? Those images contained messages - messages that implanted themselves subconsciously in her sleep-deprived brain.

Messages sent by her husband’s German Shepherd, Zeus. Now that the brainwashing was complete, she would do anything her master wanted.


* BG 3 - Gangbanged By The TSA Dogs

We knew it was going to happen. See, my wife has a…condition…that makes her horny, fertile scent extremely attractive to dogs. We had to fly during this time - there was no other way around it.

We thought we’d made it. But three large, horny security dogs smelled her from down the hall. These horny beasts made a bee-line straight for my wife’s unprotected cunt.

She had no choice but to take them.

* BG 4: Trained By My Dogs

Dawn’s disobedient dogs drove her to seek out help. But it wasn’t her dogs the trainer taught. It was her. He taught her how to be weak and submissive to them and let them do whatever they wanted to her. The three of them gangbang Dawn, fucking her senseless in every hole - all at the same time!

* Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido

Bursting in on his daughter making out with the dog, Don decided it was time his daughter learned her lesson. If she wanted to know what sex was all about, who was he to stop her.

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