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Abundant Hope Collection #8 : Christian Fiction series' by an award winning USA Today bestselling author.


A dark past he can’t forget. An uncertain future he can’t control. A broken man caught in between life-altering choices.

Pete Zendel was a man everyone knew not to mess with. An evil mastermind who excelled at two things—killing without remorse and making money without rules—until he got caught, went to prison, and met Jesus.

Now, seventeen years later, he’s presented with a choice that brings him face-to-face with a dark world he knew too well. Will the old Pete resurrect and drag him down to ruin? Or was his conversion to Jesus strong enough to withstand the tempting onslaught?


Flying into danger never scared him. Losing the woman he loved didn’t destroy him. Now, will an old secret crash everything he cherished?

Detective Mike Argan, an expert pilot serving with the Silver Stone Police Department (SSPD), loved the skies. His job as a police tactical pilot meant he faced deadly situations on a regular basis and was competent to handle them.  But when an unknown enemy unearths secrets from Mike’s past and uses them as leverage, it threatens not only his beloved career, but also the future Presidential prospects of those people he held dear.


Raised as poor orphans. Launched into greatness by God. Can they cope with life's changes and keep their home from falling apart?

CEO Ruby Towers and her husband, former Captain Robert Towers, had come a long way from their days growing up at the orphanage. Ruby owned a multinational delivery corporation, and Robert was, well, a very powerful man.

Now far from their humble beginnings as orphans, it seemed the good Lord had more surprises packaged into their future than they ever dreamed. Will the weariness pull them down? Or will they see the present maze of their lives through eyes of gratitude and rest in the beauty of God’s purpose? 

Dive into this gripping & award winning series by USA Today Bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories full of mystery and adventure and don't stop until the last page.
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