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story "Demons in The bermuda Triangle"

Bermuda Triangle where wonders and more disappearances accidents this story is the fabric of my imagination about a young man called Peter who was raised by Dr. Albert

After the death of his mother and his father in a tragic situation of poverty and greed, the young man learns physics and mathematics so that he becomes a scientist in mathematics and physics inventing a strange invention that can hide people into a strange world. His mentor is Prof.jack the man who was part of a search team for a lost treasure in 1961 this treasure was lost by the disappearance of an airplane that was flying from Venezuela to the United States near the Bermuda Triangle. Betrayed was happened by one of the leading positions in the army in cooperation with a businessman named Alphonse

, stole the treasure and attempt to kill the team of treasure search

But can Peter, in cooperation with Prof. Jack , find this treasure?

Does his magical invention have a role in finding the treasure that sank twenty years ago?

All this will be found through a story

Demons in the Bermuda Triangle

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