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Live Lab Summer Pre-Sessions is to make it possible for you to interact with me in real time!  I have a strong preference to having real interactions with learners, so this allows us to interact while you do the course work on demand.

I love to answer the questions that are on your mind and am generally open to answering anything remotely related to course material.  My only caveat is that I reserve the right to decline to answer if I feel a question is inappropriate or better answered at another time.

So join me for a Live Lab following watching Excel for Designers and Knitters and/or Anatomy for Designers, Knitters, & Tech Editors. These pre-sessions are available on

I will have Live Lab Summer through July and August as there are requests for them. Email me to request.

If you got this as part of ASOG 2022 Summer, please enter the code in that email to get it at no cost.

Be sure to download the Live Lab Summer invitation! See you soon.
You will get a PDF (73KB) file

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