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Craft Your Core Message

This training video is for business owners and online entrepreneurs wanting to get clarity on their brand's mission statement to attract in their ideal clients and success.

This training will provide you step-by-step guidance to walk you through crafting your core message.

This is for you if:
>>You KNOW what you do (intuitively/energetically/mentally) but can't put it into words.
>>You've been in business awhile and shit ain't flowing (clients/money/prospective clients)
>>You run an ONLINE business 
>>You need CLARITY and have never been able to get it as far as what you do (who you help, etc.)

Because you DO SO MUCH for your people and have no clue how to craft that into one little sentence that will speak to the masses and change how you approach your business/platform/people/content and make everything flow with ease.

Getting CLEAR on what your PURPOSE is can be difficult and that's why I'm here.

In this 60 minute previously recording training, I walk you through a step-by-step practical process to craft YOUR core message for your business.

You will gain clarity into WHAT YOU DO and WHO YOU SERVE and most importantly be able to formulate it into words and create a sentence that gives you massive clarity that will impact your clientele, packages, pricing + content!

This training course was previously recorded live and there is no longer a Facebook Group available with my added individual guidance, as mentioned in parts of the training video. 

I am excited for the clarity it's going to provide you. Now, let's step fully into your light!



"Thank you Amy Fiedler - this was an amazing training and I've been to many others and hired a coach to help with this shit, LOL! You are good at what you do!" - Kellie D.

"Amy Fiedler, your 4 steps and who YOU BE has opened up so much just in the last 2 hours of watching your video. Gotta say, you're pretty fucking awesome!" - Darlene S.


"This was quite effective and came in perfect timing to support changes in my coaching model. This training session was worth many times the $20 I paid. Thanks for making it available, Amy!" - Kevin Y.


"I have the most clarity I've ever had on this so far. Thank you, Amy!!" - Carly T.


"Amy Fiedler let me just say this training was an effing badass masterpiece!!!! Thank you sooo much for this!!!" - Maria P.


"The training was amazing and invaluable. Worth 10x's the money!!!" - Alice W.


"I already said thank you but I wanted to say it again! Today I read my core message again and it gave me goosebumps and made me tear up a bit ❤️ It makes me feel so amazing to have narrowed it down to something so close to my heart! So thank you for sharing this with us, the value is AMAZING!" - Saydee S.


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$ 17.00

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