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This Brand Shamans Brand Healing package includes the following tools for brand development success:

✨✨✨ FREE Sponsored Interview (placed on a popular website in our network)

✨✨✨ FREE Brand Analysis (one-card tarot or oracle reading and analysis of your brand's website and social media presence)

✨✨✨ 30 minute e-consultation on your brand as a whole, including pluses and areas where you can improve.

✨✨✨ FREE examination and rewrite of one blog post or two social media posts (geared toward what we determine your audience wants)

✨✨✨ FREE detailed examination and report of what your audience wants that you can improve on

✨✨✨ Examination and rewrite of up to 5 pages of website text (and your website's meta description & keywords on up to 5 pages)

✨✨✨ Design refresh of your Weebly, Blogger, Wix, or WordPress website

✨✨✨ Redesign of your company logo (including uploading it to your website's logo and favicon slot, as well as getting it uploaded to your social media profiles)

✨✨✨ Optional bonus healing talisman handcrafted by Intent-sive Nature

✨✨✨ The equivalent of maintenance on up to three social media profiles for one month (making at least two posts on each five days per week and answering messages and comments)

Hit "Buy Now" and complete your small investment into your brand's big future!

Let the Brand Shamans take your brand down its own healing path toward success. What you receive via any Brand Shamans service and product is nothing like ordinary branding consultation or services. We use our unique spiritual healing techniques, combined with years of experience in branding, social media and and content to help you and your audience connect on a much deeper level than you ever imagined. Are you ready for this level of success and connection? Take a look at all of our services, try them out, and find out!

*All branding consultation services are geared toward toward creating a lasting connection between your brand and your audience.

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