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Pemberley in Derbyshire: A Pride and Prejudice Variations Collection

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With the mention of Derbyshire, there were many ideas connected. It was impossible for her to see the word without thinking of Pemberley and its owner.

Longing for a getaway to Pemberley? Two romantic escapes await you in this charming collection of stories primarily set in Derbyshire.

Check your library! If either of these Darcy and Elizabeth love stories is not there, what better time than now to indulge yourself in the magic of Pemberley. Add Pemberley in Derbyshire to your growing collection of Pride and Prejudice variations today!

As Good as a Lord

Elizabeth had intended to tell no one about Mr. Darcy's proposal. At length, she confided in her dearest sister, Jane. It was meant to be their secret, but secrets have a way of getting found out. What happens when Mrs. Bennet learns that her headstrong daughter has refused the hand of a second respectable man in less than six months?

Praise for As Good as a Lord:

❝This book had everything I like in a Darcy what if story: a good story line, different from what I have read before and a proper conclusion. I would recommend this book to Darcy lovers like myself.❞

❝Mrs Bennet was a new person too in a good way. Highly recommend this book to a fan-fiction reader of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice.❞

The Means of Uniting Them

When Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet meet by accident at Pemberley, they fall violently in love with each other. What is the consequence of their hastened understanding? Will the young lovers face it together, or will they be torn apart?

Praise for The Means of Uniting Them:

❝This was just the sort of short novel I needed on a rainy day to lift my spirits. As always, this story was well written and kept true to the personalities of our favorite characters.❞

❝I love variations on the original with unexpected twists and turns. It is a sweet short read that is a lot of fun. I definitely recommend this story.❞
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