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108(h) Copyright Camp for Libraries

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Spring/Summer 2021 - 108(h) Copyright Library Workshop 
Sessions will be held in March 2021 (multiple time options)

3 sessions on basics and strategies with 108(h) - $500

Session 1: Copyright Basics: Duration and Section 108(h)

Session 2: Collection Strategy and 108(h)

Session 3: Other tools: fair use and legal risk assessment

Add on:  
  • Tulane Law Student Summer pro bono work - 20-40 hours working with your collection (in person or virtual)  If it is in person, we ask that you put them up; they are likely there a week.
  • One-on-one consulting opportunities (additional fee) with Ricardo Gonzales 
  • Additional tools available to assist with the work
Once you sign up, you will be asked if you are interested in participating in any add-on services or opportunities.

The 108(h) library workshop aims at helping you identify works in the last twenty years of copyright, and assess whether they qualify for reproduction and distribution to the public.  This is part of the U.S. Copyright Law, and we are proud to have developed a method for assisting, search, and tagging Section 108(h) works.  We have worked with a number of libraries in the past, and we are offering in Spring 2021 a 3-session workshop to get you trained and up and running.  We also are in partnership with Tulane Law School, where you can apply to have Tulane Law Students work pro bono to help assess and begin the process of identifying works eligible in your collection.  Finally, we know that sometimes collections can be complicated, and so we offer additional tools and one-on-one consulting to assist.

In the end, you should be able to:

  • Identify potential items and groups of items in your collection that are in the public domain
  • Identify potential items and groups of items in your collection that are eligible for Section 108(h)
  • Have a plan of action with milestones on implementing the application of Section 108(h).

Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard is a Professor of Law at Tulane Law School, an expert in copyright and duration, and author of the Last 20 Collection, a study that looked at books eligible for Section 108(h) that are housed at the Internet Archive.  She has worked with dozens of libraries on these problems and more for the last twenty years.  

Ricardo Gonzales was a law student that worked on Section 108(h) study, which included research with the Internet Archive, Tulane University, the Frick Collection, and the Library of Congress, among other institutions.  He is now an expert in the field of copyright and consults with libraries on Section 108(h) problems, among other things.  He is the author of Just Wanna Patent, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Just Wanna series of Intellectual Property series that includes Just Wanna Trademark and Just Wanna Create Copyright and Fair Use Strategies.

The Workshop is a partnership between  LImited Times, LLC, and Tulane Law School. Courses, consulting, tools, and workshops are taught through Limited Times, LLC.  Students are trained and recruited for pro bono hours as part of Dr. Townsend Gard’s Spring Copyright course each year at Tulane Law School and can receive pro bono hours for their work with libraries and archives.  

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